Soups & Salads

Note: Soy protein & seitan are common meat substitues. 
Soy protein is made principally from soy bean, seitan from wheat.

S3. Pumpkin Soup    $5.50

Root vegetables w. white bean & cilantro..

S4. Tom Yum Soup    $5.50

Lemongrass, lime leaf, cilantro in light spicy clear soup..

S5. Tofu Salad    $6.50

Mixed greens, tofu, beets, tomato w. carrot ginger dressing..

S6. Spinach Salad    $8.50

Baby spinach, pine nuts, beets, and chick peas w. yuzu citrus dressing..

S7. Avocado Salad    $8.50

Mix greens, avocado, tofu cheese w. carrot ginger dressing..

S8. Mango Salad    $8.50

Mix greens, mango, asparagus, bell peppers w. miso mustard dressing..

S10. Hijiki Salad    $7.50

Marinated black seaweed w. edamame peas..

S11. Mixed Green Salad    $5.00

with Carrot Ginger Dressing..

S12. Watercress Salad    $8.50

Avocado, Beets, Tomato w. Sesame Dressing..

S13. Green Papaya Salad    $7.50

String beans, tomato & peanuts w. chiii lime dressing (spicy)..

S14. Soy Protein Salad    $8.00

Mixed greens, thin sliced soy proteins, almonds w. sesame dressing..
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