A1. Spring rolls    $4.00

- w. sweet chili lime sauce 

A2. Fresh Summer Rolls    $5.00

Vietnamese Style Fresh Rolls w. Vegan Hoisin Sauce & Peanut Sauce

A3. Yam & Pumpkin Tempura    $7.00

Deep Fried Root Vegetable w. Tempura Sauce

A4. Spinach Shumai    $7.00

Japanese Style, Steamed Shumai w. Vinaigrette Soy Sauce

A5. Age Tofu    $7.00

Deep Fried Bean Curd w. Tempura Sauce

A6. Soy Cheese Wontons    $8.00

Crispy watercress & soy cheese wonton w. mango sauce

A7. Crispy Soy Protein    $8.00

Breaded deep-fried soy protein nuggets w. plum sauce

A8. Baked Eggplant    $7.00

w. Saikyo Miso Sauce

A9. Crispy Tofu-Skin Wraps    $8.00

Shredded vegetables & Tofu Rolls w. tangy sauce

A10. Vegetable Dumplings    $7.00

Steamed or Pan Fried 

A11. Seitan Skewer    $7.00

Grilled seitan, onion & bell peppers in satay sauce.

A12. Scallion Pancakes    $6.00

Homemade scallions pancake w. mango salsa

A13. Cold Spinach Rolls    $7.00

Cold boiled spinach rolls w. ponzu sauce

A14. King Oyster Mushrooms (Unavailable)    $8.50

Battered crispy king oyster mushrooms, sauteed w. salt, pepper & diced bell pepper

A15. Tofu Nuggets    $7.00

- with sweet chili sauce

A16. Curry Samosas    $7.00

Indian-style w. mint chutney dipping sauce

A18. Indian Pancake    $6.00

w. curry dipping sauce

A19. Satay Tempeh    $7.00

Grilled Indonesian soy beans in satay sauce

A20. Avocado Tartar    $8.50

Diced avocado, mountain yam, mango, in lime wasabi sauce
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